October 7, 2013

More Than Just Money

From October 6 to November 3, King Road Church is embarking on a church-wide stewardship series. I'm excited, and I hope you are too. Since I'm involved in preparing study guides (and preparing a sermon), I know that God will challenge me in my understanding of stewardship. Please join the conversation around this important biblical topic.

If you've taken the time to look at the series overview, you will have noticed that we are addressing four different aspects of stewardship: the gospel, money, gifts/talents, and time. Each of these could likely be a 3-part series themselves, but a sermon on each will have to suffice for now. Having said that, these topics by no means cover the entire spectrum of biblical stewardship.

Yesterday Pastor Don mentioned at least two more areas which we are not addressing in this series. Do you remember which ones he mentioned? Stewardship of our bodies and stewardship of the environment. This got me thinking: "Are there more areas that might be added to this list?" I'm inviting you to reflect on this question and help me out. Leave a comment below with other aspects of biblical stewardship that we might discuss. Perhaps this will lead to a follow up handout for further study.

Stewardship involves all aspects of our lives. As was mentioned in the sermon, stewardship really is a question of lordship. Who (or what) truly is Lord in my life? May our mutual studies and sharing encourage us to grow and mature in our walk with Jesus. Be encouraged! God isn't finished with us yet.

Pastor Leonard

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