November 19, 2013

Let's talk about sin!?!

I realize that with the conclusion of our recent stewardship series, I have neglected the routine of posting a sermon follow-up blog. As I listened to Pastor Don preach his sermon "Virus Alert" on Sunday, I found myself jotting down some thoughts. So here they are. Read them. Reflect on them. Answer the questions. Start a conversation. Correct my assumptions. Let's allow the Word of God to dwell in our lives throughout the entire week!

1. "The definition of sin is NOT up to us." What is your reaction to this statement? Where do I find myself attempting to define specific sins?

2. "I am an expert sinner...I have 57 years of experience." Now I know how old Don is :) But seriously, we are all sinners. Read Romans 3:23.

3. The Bible uses 5 different words to give an all-encompassing definition of sin. So, why is it so easy to try and justify our actions?

4. "We can't appreciate grace until we understand why we need it." Thoughts? Any biblical stories come to mind to highlight this truth?

5. "The devil fights grace by having us take sin lightly." I can't help but wonder if this isn't the specific challenge that God has for us at this time? How do we take sin seriously, yet without becoming legalistic. I hope next Sunday's sermon on grace has some answers...

It definitely isn't as common today to hear sermons about sin as it was a generation ago. However, we must understand the depravity of our sinful state without Jesus. Do I truly grasp this daily? Do you? And how does that impact how I live and interact with others. Ironically enough, I saw the following posted on Facebook last Saturday: "Don't just judge someone because they sin differently than you do."

So, let's talk about sin, not in order to condemn, but in order to understand grace and the high call of holiness.

Pastor Leonard

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