October 15, 2013

It's Easy

This past Sunday (October 13), our guest speaker (David Wiebe of ICOMB) continued our stewardship sermon series. Specifically he spoke about the stewardship of the gospel. I decided that I would try and post Monday (or in this case Tuesday) updates with some questions/observations for further thought, reflection, and discussion. I hope you find this helpful. I'd love to hear from you.

Please remember that the sermon audio files are available online (English and German); the weekly handout can also be downloaded here.

Here are this week's random thoughts and reflections. Consider them additional questions to the handout.

1. Who can tell me what ICOMB stands for? (there may or may not be a prize involved)

2. How many of you would like the task of "live translating" like Johannes did in the German service? Take a moment and thank him for a job well done. You can email him here.

3. Have you or I ever been motivated by guilt when it comes to sharing the gospel? How did this make you feel?

4. What national passport do you carry? Do you agree that when we travel, we tend to speak something good about our home? What would you share?

5. What does our discernment about our building project mean for us a congregation as we strive to answer God's call with, "Here we are, send us!"?

David Wiebe's main points where that the motivation for sharing the gospel is the love of God, and the work of the gospel is the work of an ambassador. I find that I'm still thinking about what it means for me to be an ambassador. I have some ideas brewing (maybe a future blog post), but I hope your ideas are developing as well. Why not reread the 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 text and reflect on it again.

Blessings as you steward!

Pastor Leonard

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