July 4, 2013

Crossing the Finish Line

It has been quite a journey! We all have been challenged to read through the Bible in one form or another, and in the same way we took on the challenge to preach through the Bible. This challenging and rewarding experience was completed in the German Service at the end of June. We covered all 66 books during this series.

The biggest challenge for me was to stay focused on the goal, which was to give an overview of the whole Bible and not to get side tracked with the countless detailed and practical life principles in the context of the book or even the entire Bible. To choose what to include and what to leave out was also difficult because there are so many absolutely relevant and life-giving godly experiences that have to be told!

It was also a very enriching experience because we had different people sharing from different perspectives the truth of the Bible. This diversity showed how wide reaching the truth of the Bible is and how infinitely far reaching the application is!

At the end of this journey, there is nothing that can better describe Scripture other than to say God’s Word is God’s Word. And now the challenge for all of us is to dig deep into the treasures that God has given us in his Word. May we continue to live our lives immersed in and guided by Scripture.

Heins Schartner

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