May 16, 2013

Are you distracted? WAIT.

"God answers prayer! God always answers prayer! Sometimes he answers yes, sometimes he answers no, and other times he answers wait." How many of you remember learning this as a child in Sunday School? I always liked the “yes” answers, not so much the “no” answers, but upon reflecting back, I’m wondering if the “wait” answer hasn’t been the most difficult one for me to process.

“Please wait.” These are not my favourite words. “Have patience.” Yes, okay, but give it to me now! “Not now?” Well, then, what about now? But, as is says in the words of a popular chorus, “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord…” Wait. Did you catch that? 

Strength comes from waiting. Not from working harder. Not from running from one opportunity to the next. No, from waiting! So, how might we practice waiting? I think that a deliberate effort to focus on God and His Word, by ignoring distractions, can help us. When is the last time you or I have turned off our phones? When is the last time we sat outside in God’s creation and simply watched, observed, and listened? (more on listening next week). I simply invite us to wait. To slow down. To hit pause. To wait is a practice of trust, an act of acknowledging that the success of the world does not depend on us.

So, will you join me in waiting? You may wish to discuss what waiting would look like in your life. You may wish to contemplate scriptural stories of waiting. But who will join me in finding a half hour block to turn off all distractions and simply wait? I’d love to hear from you.

Leonard Klassen

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