May 8, 2013

Are you distracted? Oh, look at that!

“Stop, Look, and Listen!” How many of you remember hearing and learning these words as a youngster. You do remember them, right? These are basic instructions for crossing the road. The simple words, short yet pithy, were meant to be easily memorized. Teach these words to your children, and they will forever cross the road safely! 

Yet, we all know, knowing the words and living by them aren’t one and the same. Simply knowing the words but not practicing them can easily lead to trouble while crossing the road, particularly on a dark, rainy night. As humanity, we have this tendency to forget, to forget important things, and this can cause some challenges.

As much as I care about your safety while crossing the road, I’m wondering about the similar tendencies that can creep into our journey with Jesus. Are you at times as distracted as I am by life that you forget some of the basic realities that Jesus calls you too? Do the events and busyness and loudness of life distract me? Or am I the only one with tendencies to lose focus?

I’ve found myself wondering about how we learn to tune out some of the excessive noise in our lives? Over the next few weeks, I plan to write an entry on waiting, another on listening, and another on living. I hope I’ll be able to take some of the thoughts running around in my mind and write them concisely enough to be of encouragement and challenge to others. I will try and include some questions for discussion as well.

As I wrap up for now, I’m wondering if you also find yourself distracted at times? What are those things that distract you? Will you be so bold as to share? I’m guessing we’ll be pleasantly surprised by how we are not alone in this journey.

Leonard Klassen

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