May 5, 2013

30 Hours Without Food?

One of the annual youth events at King Road is participating in World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine. This year, the event also included part two of a clothing sale fundraiser for Deborah’s Gate. Read more about that here.

So, what does one learn when one doesn’t eat for 30 hours, spends the night with 37 people, and hosts a car wash and clothing sale in the hot May sun?  Here are a few insights:

“This was my 3rd time doing the 30 hour famine and I love it every time! Even though it's not always the best feeling being hungry, this is somehow always one of my favourite events. I love this event because it really challenges you to commit to the goals that you set for yourself, and it definitely helps if you have a big group of people who are right beside you doing the same thing (someone to relate to). World Vision is a great cause and I would love to do the 30 hour famine again just to know that I am helping some child's life out there.” (Janessa)

“At first I was a little hesitant about the fundraisers, especially the clothing sale because we hadn't really advertised it and the clothes had already been gone through once. However, I was very pleasantly surprised how many people came and how much we were still able to sell to people who had just seen the signs we held on the streets.” (Janelle) 

As was shared in church on Sunday morning, the sobering reality is that a child dies of hunger every 13 seconds somewhere in the world. (Read some more hunger facts here.) And we have excess. Perhaps we’d all benefit from a voluntary famine to help us reflect on the plight of many. God, give us a heart to do what we can to help others.

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